xcode – React-Native- Fastlane construct iOS Archive failed on CircleCI

I am attempting to resolve this challenge, already searched the same points on Stackoverflow or Github, however none of them are labored.
When the xcode model is ready as “13.0.0”, it labored correctly. However lately it is failed, so I modified xcode model as “13.4.1”, then there’s one other challenge.

 Working script 'Bundle React Native code and pictures'
    the remodel cache was reset.
▸ Producing 'QA2 - *********.app.dSYM'
▸ Working script '[CP] Copy Pods Assets'
▸ Working script '[CP-User] [RNFB] Core Configuration'
▸ Working script '[CP-User] [RNFB] Crashlytics Configuration'
▸ Working script '[CP] Embed Pods Frameworks'
▸ Touching QA2 - *********.app (in goal '*********Staging' from venture '*********Staging')

The next construct instructions failed:
    Run customized shell script 'Run Script'
(1 failure)
[22:27:52]: Exit standing: 65
[22:27:52]: Possibly the error proven is brought about through the use of the fallacious model of Xcode
[22:27:52]: Discovered a number of variations of Xcode in '/Functions/'
[22:27:52]: Be sure you chosen the appropriate model to your venture
[22:27:52]: This construct course of was executed utilizing 'https://blingeach.b-cdn.net/Functions/Xcode-13.4.1.app'
[22:27:52]: If you wish to replace your Xcode path, both
[22:27:52]: - Specify the Xcode model in your Fastfile
[22:27:52]: ▸ xcversion(model: "8.1") # Selects Xcode 8.1.0
[22:27:52]: - Specify an absolute path to your Xcode set up in your Fastfile
[22:27:52]: ▸ xcode_select "https://blingeach.b-cdn.net/Functions/Xcode8.app"
[22:27:52]: - Manually replace the trail utilizing
[22:27:52]: ▸ sudo xcode-select -s /Functions/Xcode.app

Additionally, I discovered on the CircleCI, there are 2 Xcode variationsenter image description here

How you can repair this challenge? it is the problem on CircleCI or Fastlane?
The one other query I’ve is methods to set just one Xcode-13.4.1 as default one.

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