Shared HealthKit integration in Xcode for iOS and WatchOS


possibly you’ll be able to assist me with the next matter:

I’ve developed an iOS app with HealthKit integration. All entry rights to HealthKit are arrange within the data.plist file.

info.plist in the iOS part of my project

I wished to combine additionally a watchOS half into the identical venture as a standalone app. After I combine HealthKit into the watchOS half analogous to my iOS, I get an error message in Xcode that the information.plist must be adjusted accordingly for the HealthKit rights.

I get following error for the HealthKit watchOS integration:

error message in watchOS integration

I already tried to arrange a second PropertyList within the watchOS half, which sadly was not profitable.

How do I’ve to arrange the permissions for HealthKit for the watchOS? Can the information.plist from the iOS half be offered on to each venture components?

Thanks in your assist.


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