Lacking argument for parameter ‘from’ in name. Insert ‘from <Decoder>


I’ve a struct which verify codable protocol.

public struct FlightDTO {
   public var flightName: String = ""
   public var PilotName: String = ""
   public var copilotName: String = ""
   public var totalCrewMem: Int = 0

extension FlightDTO: Codable {
 enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
 case flightName
 case PilotName
 case copilotName
 case totalCrewMem

once I create object of struct it give me this initialiser.

This struct is in swift bundle and I’m initialising it from the app.

  var flightData = FlightDTO(from: <#Decoder#>)

I’m not certain what to move in decoder.


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