javascript – Internet efficiency distinction between android and ios


Due to non-disclosure settlement points, i am unable to present a transparent picture of what I’m going through.

I’m at the moment testing a responsive internet utility, and the efficiency distinction between Android-based telephones and ios-based iPhones is extreme. Whereas the online actually works effectively in each android and common desktop surroundings, it does not in iphone.

I solely use jquery and vanillla javascript for front-end and spring framework for backend together with jsp. It’s true that the web page in query requires lots of knowledge to load, however the responsive internet works very effectively on computer systems and Android-based telephones.
Have any of you ever skilled a efficiency distinction between Android and iOS whereas growing?

My Units
Galaxy Flip 3 5G – Android -> Chrome, Samsung Interent (works very effectively)
Iphone 13 – IOS -> can’t load the web page fully



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