Is there a strategy to make and deploy/set up an iOS software on iPhone through Home windows?


I wished to make my very own private app for my and my girlfriend’s iPhone. Nonetheless, I didn’t discover a resolution appropriate to me, since my PC has AMD that isn’t supported by the latest macOS, so I can not dual-boot/set up VM on it to develop for iOS. Additionally, I haven’t got leftover cash to go and purchase a mac, or laptop with intel that would run macOS 13, or to purchase a cloud mac.

I additionally tried putting in macOS Ventura on my server on a VM that has an Intel processor, nevertheless, there is no such thing as a graphics processor highly effective sufficient so the mac can run.

So what am I left with is my Home windows 11 cellular AMD PC a.okay.a laptop computer – fairly highly effective. And I need to discover a strategy to set up an iOS software on my telephone as if it was a testing surroundings (like you are able to do in XCode as an alternative of utilizing a digital gadget). I didn’t discover anybody who requested the identical query as me, so I’m asking myself if there’s a approach, maybe solely only a home windows app that would set up my very own iOS app on the iPhone.


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