ios – VIPER structure and correct place to avoid wasting entry token


So, let’s imagine that this can be a common definition in VIPER structure:

The principle components of VIPER are:

View: shows what it’s informed to by the Presenter and relays consumer
enter again to the Presenter.

Interactor: comprises the enterprise logic as specified by a use case.

Presenter: comprises view logic for making ready content material for show (as
acquired from the Interactor) and for reacting to consumer inputs (by
requesting new information from the Interactor).

Entity: comprises primary mannequin objects utilized by the Interactor.

Routing: comprises navigation logic for describing which screens are
proven wherein order.

Now in my interactor, I do a login community request, and I get the response that has entry token (that I later save in keychain utilizing my KeyChainManager).

Now, had been can be and a correct place to avoid wasting the token? Instantly within the interactor, or to go it someplace additional perhaps, eg. presenter… ?


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