ios – tableView will not reload variety of rows


I am making a tableView with 7 rows (days of week).
After tapping month button I am altering variable from week to month and reloading desk information from click on occasion operate.
Information are reloaded however a lot of rows will not be altering.

Right here is my code

func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, numberOfRowsInSection part: Int) -> Int {
        var rowNumber = 0
        if self.dateInnerState == "week" || self.dateInnerState == "" {
            rowNumber = 7
        } else if self.dateInnerState == "month" {
            rowNumber = self.currentMonthDays.rely
        } else {
            rowNumber = 12
        print(">>>>", rowNumber, self.dateInnerState)
        return rowNumber

that is what a technique above prints after month button pressed

>>>> 30 month

Additionally information within desk are modified, however the quantity or rows stays at 7…


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