ios – Swift: Find out how to show multipe views and maintaining all of them lively


I’m constructing an App which has a map within the background and a draggable view infront of it, at any time when a spot is chosen. At the moment I’m presenting my view with a customized PresentationViewController which makes certain that the animation is right and the scale and place are proper. The difficulty is that I lose the flexibility to work together with the map behind the view that’s being introduced. I’m making an attempt to have it extra like you possibly can see on this gif right here (which is a random app I discovered that has an identical construction and behavior)

App Demonstration Gif

See the underside half is draggable even whereas I work together with the map. How can I obtain that? Do I want baby Views or do I want a particular presentation mode? I’m new to swift and type of misplaced to be trustworthy.


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