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I attempted to get private hotspot SSID, BSSID and Password data utilizing following code but it surely returns my wifi data and if i shut wifi than nothing to returns.

  func fetchSSIDInfo() ->  String? {
           if let interfaces = CNCopySupportedInterfaces() {
               for i in 0..<CFArrayGetCount(interfaces){
                   let interfaceName: UnsafeRawPointer = CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(interfaces, i)
                   let rec = unsafeBitCast(interfaceName, to: AnyObject.self)
                   let unsafeInterfaceData = CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo("(rec)" as CFString)
                   if let unsafeInterfaceData = unsafeInterfaceData as? Dictionary<AnyHashable, Any> {
                       return unsafeInterfaceData["SSID"] as? String
           return nil

Is there any method to get my private HotSpot SSID, BSSID and Password in iOS?


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