ios – Optimum manner of setting an AVCaptureSession

After studying a number of Digital camera App associated Apple examples/web tutorials/random articles I’m left with one uncertainty: What’s the optimum manner of dealing with your Session setup, whereas bearing in mind the total lifecycle of an app/view?

It looks like each Digital camera App I’ve researched does issues in another way, with out having documented the rationale for taking that path: some do a easy setup inside viewDidLoad, others select viewDidAppear, others do it in viewDidLoad and finally test and redo it in case of a setup failure in viewWillAppear, and so forth.. (each potential mixture seems in the event you search sufficient tutorials)

However what can be the optimum alternative, bearing in mind many of the potentialities that may happen throughout a digicam app‘s lifecycle: failing to setup digicam, failing to modify between cameras, app getting into background, app closing, and so forth.

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