ios – I attempted to make a easy HTTP request in SwiftUI however once I assign worth to Printed Variable I bought nil

This is the code

import Mix
import Basis

struct Cate: Hashable, Codable {
    var identify: String
    var property: String

last class CatesDataModel: ObservableObject {
    @Printed var cates_list = [Cate]()
    @Printed var grouped_cates = [GroupedCates]()
   init() {
        fetchCates(user_id: "X45045")
    func fetchCates(user_id: String) {
        let url = URL(string: API_URL)!
        var request = URLRequest(url: url)
        request.httpMethod = "GET"

        URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: request) { [weak self] information, response, error in
            DispatchQueue.major.async {
                if error != nil || (response as! HTTPURLResponse).statusCode != 200 {
                } else if let information = information {
                    do {
                        let response = strive JSONDecoder().decode(fetchCatesResponse.self, from: information)
                        let grouped_dict = Dictionary(grouping: response.information, by: { $ })
                        if response.standing == "success" {
                            self?.cates_list = response.information
                    } catch {

fileprivate struct fetchCatesResponse: Decodable {

    // MARK: - Properties
    let standing: String
    let information: [Cate]


I do not know the place is flawed, once I execute print(response.information), its worth confirmed accurately, however once I execute print(self?.cates_list), it bought nil?
I am new to SwiftUI from Python Backend, possibly the query is just too easy however I can’t cope with it by myself, hope somebody can inform me the place is flawed.

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