ios – Can’t programmatically navigate again anymore in SwiftUI


So mainly I’ve a easy view like so:

struct ContentView: View {
    @State var navStack = NavigationPath()
    @Atmosphere(.dismiss) var dismiss
    var physique: some View {
        NavigationStack(path: $navStack) {
            NavigationLink {
                Button {
                } label: {
                    Textual content("Pop Again")
            } label: {
                Textual content("Element View")

The issue is: after I faucet on the “Pop again” button within the element view, I get the next error message:

[Scene] Invalid try to name -[UIApplication requestSceneSessionDestruction:] from an unsupported machine.

I do not perceive why this error is occuring. It was working completely effective earlier than however I hold getting this error. I’m utilizing iOS 16 so I am unsure if there’s a bug.

What am I doing fallacious and the way can I repair it? Thanks!


I created a contemporary undertaking with nothing however the view I’ve displayed above. I get the identical challenge.


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