ios – Can’t move perform of kind ‘([CLPlacemark]?, (any Error)?) async throws -> Void’ to parameter anticipating synchronous perform kind


I’ve written this code:

In step one, I learn an Excel file that incorporates the addresses of the buildings as a string.

LABE HAUS Gemeindename
Hasenwinkel 14 Braunschweig

The Excel file is much like the desk above.

I need to learn the addresses inside a loop and get the coordinates of the addresses (Lat, Lengthy) utilizing CLGeocoder. Utilizing the snapshotImage perform, I give the coordinates as enter to the perform, and if there may be image, I need to save that image of the goal handle with its handle title.

However I get the next errors:

1.Can’t move perform of kind ‘([CLPlacemark]?, (any Error)?) async throws -> Void’ to parameter anticipating synchronous perform kind

2. Invalid conversion from throwing perform of kind ‘([CLPlacemark]?, (any Error)?) async throws -> Void’ to non-throwing perform kind ‘([CLPlacemark]?, (any Error)?) -> Void’

let columnTypes: [String: CSVType] = ["LABE": .string,
                                      "HAUS": .string,
                                      "Gemeindename": .string]

let path = Bundle.principal.url(forResource: "Adresse", withExtension: "csv")!
let choices = CSVReadingOptions(
    hasHeaderRow: true,
    ignoresEmptyLines: true,
    delimiter: ";"

let end result = attempt DataFrame(contentsOfCSVFile: path,rows: 0..<50, varieties: columnTypes,choices: choices)

enum LookaroundError: Error {
    case unableToCreateScene

func snapshotImage(for coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D) async throws -> UIImage {
    guard let scene = attempt await MKLookAroundSceneRequest(coordinate: coordinate).scene else {
        throw LookaroundError.unableToCreateScene
    let choices = MKLookAroundSnapshotter.Choices()
    choices.measurement = CGSize(width: 1000, top: 500)
    return attempt await MKLookAroundSnapshotter(scene: scene, choices: choices).snapshot.picture

var handle: String = ""

for row in end result.rows {
    if row["HAUS"] == nil {
        handle = "(row["LABE"] ?? <#default worth#>) (row["Gemeindename"] ?? <#default worth#>)"
    } else {

        handle = "(row["LABE"] ?? <#default worth#>) (row["HAUS"] ?? <#default worth#>) (row["Gemeindename"] ?? <#default worth#>)"
    let geocoder = CLGeocoder()
    geocoder.geocodeAddressString(handle){ (placemarks, error) in
            let placemarks = placemarks,
            let location: CLLocationCoordinate2D = placemarks.first?.location?.coordinate
        var picture = attempt await snapshotImage(for: location)
        var url = attempt FileManager.default
            .url(for: .applicationSupportDirectory, in: .userDomainMask, appropriateFor: nil, create: true)
            .appending(element: "(handle).png")
        attempt picture.pngData()?.write(to: url)

Ideally, I need to learn the addresses on this loop and save an image of them utilizing their coordinates.I haven’t got a lot expertise in Swift programming. Does anybody have an concept easy methods to resolve the code drawback?


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