ios – Apple Push Notifications from a serverless MongoDB App Providers backend


I’ve been organising Apple Push Notifications for an iOS app, utilizing JSON Internet Tokens relatively than certificates.

I can generate a JWT and make the required POST request from inside the app (utilizing the Swift-JWT package deal) and the notification is delivered.

I’m utilizing MongoDB Realm, which has serverless capabilities (in JavaScript with a Node atmosphere) which might be known as from the iOS app. A scheduled set off updates my JWT, as Apple advise it ought to be refreshed each hour.

Nonetheless, regardless of making an attempt a number of Node modules for making the POST request there have been all the time errors (like “BadDeviceToken” or “InvalidProviderToken”).

I lastly received it working utilizing the node-apn package deal! Nonetheless, I’ve two queries about utilizing it on this serverless perform context:

  1. It tries to maintain a connection open to the Apple server, which might be advantageous, besides it’d imply a brand new connection is opened each time the perform is known as. Calling Supplier.shutdown() doesn’t appear to cease the connection. I don’t assume I can have a long-running course of to obtain future requests in a serverless context.
  2. Apple advise not refreshing the JWT extra usually than each 20 minutes. node-apn manages the JWT for you, however in a serverless context, will it’s producing a brand new token each time the perform is known as? Notifications do appear to get delivered each time I take a look at it in growth mode (to the Apple sandbox endpoint).

I’d be glad about readability on these factors, and whether or not node-apn is acceptable to make use of in serverless capabilities.


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