Deep Link for React Native App working on iOS but partly on Android


I have an IOS and Android app, and a website.
The app is developed with React Native.
Some specific deep links (universal links) are supposed to be recognized by the app.
My problem is that all deep links are recognized by the iOS app, but not all of the are recognized by the Android app.

Specifically, below is the linking ReactNative object in app.js.
The links are recognized on both iOS and Android.
The links are recognized by the iOS app, but not by the Android app (they open in the browser).

What can the cause be?

const linking = { prefixes: [''],
config: {
screens: {
Home: {
initialRouteName: 'HomeScreen',
screens: {
OrgScreen: {
path: 'org/:backendId',
parse: {
backendId: (backendId) => org-${backendId},
ActScreen: {
path: 'act/:backendId/:backendKey',
parse: {
backendId: (backendId) => act-${backendId},

I tried swapping OrgScreen and ActScreen, that does not change anything.


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