CISCO Interview Expertise for Internship FY 2023 (On-Campus) IIT-BHU

On-line Coding Spherical: There have been 42 Questions having 40 MCQs and a couple of Coding Questions. MCQs include questions from OS, OOPs, Mathematical Aptitude, and the vast majority of Pc Networks.

Coding Questions:

  1. The query was based mostly on Floyd Warshall’s algorithm / Dijkstra’s algorithm.
  2. Query on Dp+DFS.

For the coding exams, Do Leetcode and Interview bit constantly for two months earlier than Interns. Learn CS matters 1 month earlier than exams. 40 have been shortlisted for Interviews together with me. (It accommodates Candidates from all branches not like different firms who shortlists solely ladies or circuital peeps).

First Spherical (Tech Spherical):

Questions on Initiatives, DSA, Oops, DBMS, OS, and Networking have been requested. Really, my Interview lasted so lengthy, for 1.2 Hrs and the interviewer requested every thing in regards to the tech.

Suggestions for this round-Put together each piece of stuff deeply and perceive the ideas very deeply. Put together your tasks very properly. He requested 5 DSA questions and I used to be capable of remedy 4.5 out of them absolutely accurately!

Second Tech+ HR Spherical: It began with a quick intro of me, my research, how I handle software program with Civil, why Cisco and why software program, after which acquired into asking questions on my tasks.

He was truly extra to know my curiosity and fervour for Pc science ( He was a lot Impressed with my solutions, I had a glimpse of choice at that time limit )

Suggestions: Confidence is the important thing on this spherical, the interviewer needs to examine your interpersonal abilities greater than technical on this spherical. Additionally, put together Initiatives nicely as this time too the interviewer acquired deep into the mission.

Third Spherical (HR Spherical): 10 min spherical. Requested about my private stuff.

How was the day, He then requested in regards to the Wage (which I Know after all ????), location desire, and instructed me about Cisco Then the Last Choice

  • 40 was shortlisted
  • 20 left after Spherical 1
  • 16 after Spherical 2
  • Last number of 8 together with me.


  • Be assured within the interview and even in your preparations.
  • Don’t waste your time on pointless issues, particularly just a few months earlier than the intern’s exams.
  • Hold taking steerage from seniors and most significantly maintain smiling.

Better of luck

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