android – Take away white area/padding on drag in ReorderableListView


it is a follow-up of this query.
I am getting some white area after I drag the listing merchandise to reorder it. How can I do away with the white spacing whereas preserving the EdgeInsets between listing components? That is how the white spacing seems like when reordering the merchandise:

enter image description here

And that is my code to construct the physique of the Scaffold:

    kids: [
        child: ReorderableListView.builder(
        buildDefaultDragHandles: false,
          itemBuilder: (context, index) {
            return Dismissible(
              key: Key([index].identify),
              onDismissed: (route) {
                setState(() {});
              little one:
                margin: EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 4),
                little one:
                  top: 75,
                  little one: ListTile(
                    tileColor: Colours.crimson.shade200,
                    title: Textual content(widget.playing cards[index].identify),
                    trailing: ReorderableDragStartListener(
                      index: index,
                      little one: const Icon(Icons.drag_handle),
                    onTap: (){


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