android – Is there a system for calculating size given pixel density?

I do know you need to use varied AR packages to do that, however questioning what the system is to calculate size given a couple of recognized values.

For instance, to illustrate my cellphone is on the similar top as a wooden dowel, that the dowel rests perpendicular to the cellphone, and that each the cellphone and the dowel are parallel to the bottom. I do know that the cellphone is strictly 10′ away from the dowel and I do know the pixel density of my cellphone is 512. I take a photograph. On that picture I then choose one of many ends of the dowel and mark it and decide that it’s precisely 1024 pixels from the middle. What’s the size of the dowel?

There needs to be some type of conversion of pixels to distance however I am unable to discover it.

Anybody know what it’s?

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