android – Getting construct errors after altering my node and expo-cli


I’ve been banging my head on this downside for the previous two days. I up to date my node model (however have tried to reset it) and my expo-cli, and I feel the issue is likely to be associated to that.

That is the error:

> Activity :expo-random:compileReleaseKotlin FAILED
e: /Customers/person/Desktop/Initiatives/ProjectName/Frontend/Expo/node_modules/expo-random/android/src/important/java/expo/modules/random/RandomModule.kt: (4, 21): Unresolved reference: kotlin
e: /Customers/person/Desktop/Initiatives/ProjectName/Frontend/Expo/node_modules/expo-random/android/src/important/java/expo/modules/random/RandomModule.kt: (5, 21): Unresolved reference: kotlin
e: /Customers/person/Desktop/Initiatives/ProjectName/Frontend/Expo/node_modules/expo-random/android/src/important/java/expo/modules/random/RandomModule.kt: (8, 22): Unresolved reference: Module
e: /Customers/person/Desktop/Initiatives/ProjectName/Frontend/Expo/node_modules/expo-random/android/src/important/java/expo/modules/random/RandomModule.kt: (11, 3): 'definition' overrides nothing
e: /Customers/person/Desktop/Initiatives/ProjectName/Frontend/Expo/node_modules/expo-random/android/src/important/java/expo/modules/random/RandomModule.kt: (11, 31): Unresolved reference: ModuleDefinition
e: /Customers/person/Desktop/Initiatives/ProjectName/Frontend/Expo/node_modules/expo-random/android/src/important/java/expo/modules/random/RandomModule.kt: (12, 5): Unresolved reference: Identify
e: /Customers/person/Desktop/Initiatives/ProjectName/Frontend/Expo/node_modules/expo-random/android/src/important/java/expo/modules/random/RandomModule.kt: (14, 5): Interface Perform doesn't have constructors
e: /Customers/person/Desktop/Initiatives/ProjectName/Frontend/Expo/node_modules/expo-random/android/src/important/java/expo/modules/random/RandomModule.kt: (15, 5): Unresolved reference: AsyncFunction

With iOS, I both get a really comparable error, or, this:

comment: Incremental compilation has been disabled: it's not suitable with complete module optimization
Command CompileSwiftSources failed with a nonzero exit code

Additionally in the identical module – ExpoRandom.

Every part labored completely tremendous earlier than my upgrades.

It appears to be some challenge with Kotlin. I’ve googled every little thing I can that is remotely much like these errors, tried all kinds of instructions and completely nothing is fixing this. I am about one step away from simply nuking my total Android and iOS setup and redoing them solely.

I’m on variations of those packages you’ll anticipate for my model of Expo, React Native, Expo Modules Core, and so forth.

What may trigger one thing like this?


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