A New Vertical Farm Will Develop 3 Million Kilos of Mycelium a Yr for Fungi-Primarily based Bacon

Ask meat eaters and most would doubtless agree that one of many carnivorous delights non-meat-eaters are most lacking out on is bacon. Salty, smoky, chewy, delectable on sandwiches, crumbled up in recipes, or eaten by hand—there’s actually nothing prefer it.

Besides now there may be, in line with startup MyForest Meals and its prospects in New York and Massachusetts. The clincher? The vegetarian-friendly bacon substitute is produced from mushroom roots.

Mushroom roots are technically referred to as mycelium, which isn’t the kind of root you’d see connected to most vegetation or bushes; fairly, it’s a root-like construction of fungus composed of a mass of branching, thread-like strands referred to as hyphae. The hyphae take up vitamins from soil or one other substrate so the fungus can develop.

In recent times, entrepreneurs have began utilizing mycelium as a base for all kinds of supplies, from biodegradable packaging to vegan leather-based to biomedical scaffolds. MyForest Meals is definitely an offshoot of founder Eben Bayer’s first startup, Ecovative, which has been round since 2007 and produces mycelium to be used in issues like packaging and garments.

Mycelium is a viable ingredient each as a result of it’s simple to govern—the vitamins within the substrate it’s grown on could be tweaked to yield completely different properties, like making it stiffer or extra versatile—and since it grows quick; an 18-by-2-by-12-inch sheet that’s dense sufficient to weigh a pair kilos can develop in every week.

A batch of the mycelium MyForest Meals is utilizing to make its bacon grows in 12 days. Final month the corporate introduced the opening of a vertical farm close to Albany, New York the place it plans to develop round three million kilos of mycelium a yr, sufficient for one million kilos of imitation bacon.

The expansion course of begins in tall silos, not not like these used to retailer grain, the place a “slurry” of moist wooden chips is ready. They’re transferred to indoor stacks of trays, not not like these utilized in vertical farms that develop leafy greens, to behave because the substrate the mycelium grows on. Besides not like leafy-greens-growing farms, this one doesn’t use LED lights, because the optimum rising circumstances for mycelium are humid and darkish.

12 days after depositing mushroom cells on their wooden chip substrate, the mycelia are able to be “harvested”—they develop in blocks, that are run by means of slicers to yield strips the identical dimension and form as bacon. “We kind of trick the mushroom to type these, principally, sheets of mushroom flesh,” Bayer instructed Axios. “So fairly than forming a mushroom, we get a 50-foot-long, 4-foot-wide, 2-inch-thick slab of mushroom meat.”

Mycelium being lower into bacon-like strips. Picture Credit score: MyForest Meals

The strips get salt, sugar, coconut oil, beet juice, and liquid smoke added to them, and presto—they’re able to be packaged and offered as MyBacon. Customers can cook dinner the bacon in a pan on the range, identical to the true factor, although presumably with extra frequent flipping. An Axios reporter who sampled the ultimate product referred to as it “scrumptious, if not precisely like the true deal.” A Future Foodie author stated “The parts of bacon had been all there: it was crispy, smokey, umami-flavored with a barely fleshy texture that was paying homage to meat.”

MyBacon was already obtainable at a co-op in Albany (which persistently offered out of the product, in line with the corporate), however as of final month it’s additionally obtainable at two natural-food markets in Massachusetts. The corporate’s aim is to serve its meatless product to greater than one million customers by 2024, and never simply vegetarians—they hope to entice carnivores to modify over too.

Which may be a tall order, however even when mushroom bacon is half as scrumptious as the true factor, customers will doubtless be prepared to offer it a shot—particularly understanding that it’s simpler on animals and on the planet.

Picture Credit score: MyForest Meals

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